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Fermanagh Rural Community Network Privacy Notice

Published: May 25

FRCN Privacy Notice
Fermanagh Rural Community Network (FRCN)
ICO Registration Number: Z2631266.
Registered Company in Northern Ireland: NI050070.
Registered with the Charity Commission for NI: NIC100161.
ISO9001:2015 Cert: FS592437.

How to contact us
Data Protection Officer
Frances Spence
Fermanagh Rural Community Network (FRCN)
3 Queen Street, Enniskillen, BT74 7JR
Tel: 028 6632 7006 Email: info@fermanaghrcn.org

Commitment to Data Protection
FRCN is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.
This privacy notice outlines how we use and process the personal information that you provide to us. FRCN is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office as Fermanagh Rural Community Network.

Information FRCN Collect
Any information you provide will be carefully protected and stored in our secure database. FRCN will keep your information confidential, in accordance with the Data Protection Act / General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), except where disclosure is required by law.

Purposes for Processing Information
FRCN process personal and organisational information to enable us to carry out our activities as a Local Rural Support Network in order to promote and provide our services to the local community and to:
• Process information necessary to establish or maintain membership or support;
• Process information necessary to provide or administer activities for people who are members of our organisation or have regular contact with us or use our services;
• Share the information only with people and organisations necessary to carry out the organisation’s activities;
• Keep the information while the individual is a member or supporter, or as long as necessary for member / supporter administration;
• Recruit staff, Board Members, Trustees and volunteers;
• Maintain our own accounts and records;
• Support and manage our members, service users, Board Members, Trustees volunteers and employees;
• Provide access to our services.
• Provide information to funders, suppliers, contractors and regulatory bodies.

How We Collect Information
The prime ways of collecting your information are if you voluntarily provide it to FRCN via:
• Completing a Membership Registration Form.
• Completing a Grant Application Form.
• Completing a Good Practice Audit Checklist.
• Completing Audits or Research.
• Providing your information when accessing our services (Registration Form, Booking Form, or by providing your details to us by any other means).
• Submitting your details to us for inclusion on our e-mail list or database of members.
• Submitting your details for inclusion on our e-mail list via our Website Submission Form.

Types and Classes of Information Processed
FRCN process information relating to the above purposes. This information may include:
• Contact / Personal details.
• Membership Details.
• Group / Organisation details.
• Services provided / accessed.
• Grant Scheme processing.
n very specific and limited cases as required by law (e.g. recruitment and employment), FRCN also may collect and process sensitive classes of information that may include:
• Section 75 / Equality data.
• Family details.
• Financial details.
• Education and Employment details.
• Physical or mental health details.
• Information about offences / alleged offences in order to ensure the Protection of Children & Vulnerable Adults (POCVA) and to meet legal / funder / contract requirements.

FRCN Process Personal Information About
• Members / Supporters
• Service Users
• Voluntary / Community Organisations
• Partner Organisations
• Contractors / Sub-contractors
• Suppliers
• Employees / Volunteers
• Grant Makers / Funders

Who the Information May Be Shared With
FRCN sometimes need to share the personal information we process with the individual concerned and also with other organisations (e.g. Funders).Where this is necessary FRCN are required to comply with all aspects of the Data Protection Act (DPA). What follows is a description of the types of organisations FRCN may need to share some of the personal information FRCN process with for one or more reasons.

Where necessary or required FRCN share information with:
• Other organisations in the area or those with similar aims.
• Central or local government.
• Providers of relevant grants / services.
• Current, past and potential employers.
• As may be required by law.

FRCN do not transfer personal information overseas. Any transfers made would be in full compliance with all aspects of the Data Protection Act / GDPR and would remain within the European Economic Area (EEA).

FRCN May Collect and Process the Following Information about You
• Information including your name, address, job title and function, organisation, email address, telephone number, fax number, and other related details.
• Information that you provide voluntarily on our website www.fermanaghrcn.org including information provided at the time of subscription to our services or requesting further services via our website.
• Information on the services, programmes or resources that you access.
• Data from completed research surveys.
• Details of FRCN grants or services you take part in.
• A record of our contact with you through all mediums i.e. online, in person, by telephone, fax, email etc.
• Images, video and sound recordings. FRCN may take photographs/video/sound recordings at events for use in printed and electronic media for promotional purposes. Some images or recordings may be selected for permanent preservation in FRCN’s Archive as a record of the voluntary and community sector activity and may be used for research, publication, education, displays and exhibitions. You will be informed of this privacy policy prior to recording.

How FRCN Use Your Information
FRCN may use your information to:
• Provide you with information, grants, newsletters and services that you request from us or that we feel may be of interest to you, and / or were you have given permission to be contacted in this regard.
• Provide appropriate online content and improve our websites and social media.
• Contact you in relation to our surveys, audits and research programmes.
• Assist with FRCN’s organisational planning.
• Assist with maintenance of FRCN’s organisational records.
FRCN will only share information with third parties confirmed to have appropriate data safeguards by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

How FRCN Store Your Data
The data that FRCN collect from you is securely stored on our premises at the FRCN office and backed up on an external hard drive compliant with UK law regarding the protection and storage of data. All information you provide to us is stored securely and is password protected.

Data Retention
Information will not be held for longer than is necessary and personal data will be disposed of when no longer needed. The method of disposal will be appropriate to the sensitivity of the data. Records and information will be disposed of in accordance with all relevant legislation and as per disposal schedule detailed on FRCN’s Record Handling Grid.

Training & Review
All staff are trained and fully informed of their responsibilities at recruitment and Induction stages. All staff receives regular training to ensure constant updates and on-going compliance with all legislative requirements.
FRCN regularly reviews and update all our Policies, Procedures and Practices including: Data Protection / General Data Protection Regulation, ICO Registration, Privacy, Document Retention & Disposal and record maintenance.

Changes to our Privacy Notice
We keep our privacy policy under review and any updates will be made available on this webpage. This privacy policy was last updated in May 2018.

Your Rights
Your rights, with regard to how FRCN handle and process your information, are clearly defined in the Data Protection Act (DPA) / General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
You may find more information about the DPA / GDPR, our obligations and the rights provided to you by it on the ICO website.
This privacy notice only applies to FRCN’s collection of information. If you follow a link to any third party from our websites or emails please ensure you familiarise yourself with their privacy policy before sharing your personal information.

Contact Us
For more information on our privacy policy or with regard to the information FRCN hold about you please contact us by any of the following:
• Email to info@fermanghrcn.org with the subject heading “Privacy Policy”.
• Writing to The Data Protection Officer, FRCN, The Intec Centre, 36 East Bridge Street, Enniskillen, Co, Fermanagh BT74 7BT.

The Data Protection Act / GDPR gives you the right to access information held about you via a Subject Access Request. Any access request may be subject to a fee of up to £10 to meet labour costs in providing you with details of the information FRCN hold about you.

Subject Access Request (SAR)
You may instruct FRCN to provide you with any personal information FRCN hold about you. Provision of such information will be subject to supplying proof of your identity when submitting a request. Information will be supplied by 14 days.
Identification examples include:

• a photocopy of the identification pages of your current passport or driving licence;
• a copy of a current utilities bill, or credit card / bank statement which shows your address.

This identification information will be returned to you if requested; otherwise it will be securely destroyed once FRCN no longer need it.
It is helpful if you can give FRCN any information to help narrow the search, such as specific personal information you are looking for or which aspect(s) of FRCN’s services or programmes you have had contact with.
Please use the Subject Access Request Form below to request your information.
Fermanagh Rural Community Network

Subject Access Request Form

Name: _________________________________
Email address: __________________________
Telephone: _____________________________
Address: _______________________________
Postcode: ______________________________
What information are you requesting?
Please be as clear and concise as possible, including, for example, your full name, any other names you are known by, groups you may represent and what FRCN services you may have accessed.

Please provide any additional information which relates to your request.

Please attach documentary proof of your identity
Examples include a photocopy of the identification page of your passport or driving licence, or a copy of a current utilities bill or bank statement showing your address.
Evidence attached: _____________________________________________________________
Would you like us to return this documentation? (please tick one)
Yes  No  please destroy this documentation when no longer needed.

How would you like us to correspond with you? (please tick one)
By email, using the email address provided  OR By post, using the address provided 